Please note the forms listed below are to be used for companies which are already incorporated and not for new company formations. The forms listed can be used for English / Welsh, Northern Ireland and Scottish companies and are applicable to PLCs, Private Limited Companies and LLPs. (Adobe Acrobat Required download here)

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PSC Guide

PSC Guide PSC guidance document

Standard UK Companies

Model Articles For Private Companies Limited By Shares
AD01 Change registered office address
AP01 Appointment of director
AP02 Appoint of a Corporate Director (ie director is a limited company)
AP03 Appointment of secretary
AP04 Appointment of Corporate Secretary (ie where secretary is a limited company)
TM01 Resignation of Director
TM02 Resignation of Secretary
CH01 Change of Director's Details
CH02 Change of Corporate Director's Details
CH03 Change of Secretary's Details
CH04 Change of Corporate Secretary's Details
AA01 Change of Account Referencing Date
AA02 Dormant Company Accounts

Striking Off (Dissolve Company) & Withdrawal of Striking Off

DS01 Request to dissolve a Company
DS02 Withdrawal of Dissolution Request


SH01 Issue Shares

Limited Liability Partnership Companies

LLAP01 Appointment of Member
LLAP02 Appointment of Corporate Member
LLAD01 Change registered office address
LLCH01 Change of Member's Details
LLTM01 Termination of Member from Office
LLDS01 Request to Dissolve LLP
LLDS02 Withdrawal of Request to Dissolve LLP

To complete online, click in the first active field, enter data and use your tab key to move to the next field. To complete any check boxes, press the spacebar. On completion please print the form, sign and date it before returning it to Companies House by post.

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