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What forms do I need to fill in when I receive the company registration documents?

When you receive the Ltd company paperwork it will already be formed and ready to start trading. If you provided us with the Director, Secretary (if required), Shareholder and Registered Office details when you placed your order, there will be no addition forms to complete. If you asked us to be the first officers and shareholders, the following forms will be included in your pack for you to complete and send to Companies House.

Form APP01

Appointment of Director. Additional forms may be printed from our website should you require more than one director. Alternatively, please contact us and we will be happy to send these to you by email.

The form requires the director’s name, date of birth, country of residence, nationality and usual residential address. If you are appointing a service address, the full service address is also requested.

The new director must sign at the end of the form and forward it to Companies House immediately (The resigning formation Director and Secretary have already signed in the boxes below).

Form AD01

This form is available from the Forms page on our website, or from Companies House. The form is used to notify Companies House of the correct Registered Office (the address to which Companies House / the Inland Revenue and other government bodies and interested parties will send correspondence). This address can be and often is the same as the Trading address (the address the day to day business is handled from).

All that is required is the insertion of the address that you would like to be the registered office (this may be your home address if you wish). This form should be signed and sent to Companies House.

Do I need a Registered Office?

Yes. Every Ltd company formation within England & Wales requires a Registered Office in either of these countries. Ltd company formations in Scotland or Northern Ireland must have an office in their respective countries. Top Of Page

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