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Do Companies House Give Technical Advice On Accounts?

No. They can give general guidance, but not technical advice on specific accounting issues. Firstly, giving technical advice is not a role that the Government has given them. Secondly, it is not practicable: your accounts are subject to complex legal requirements, and they do not know enough about your company to be confident that they are giving you proper advice.

Consult an accountant if you need this sort of advice.

The documents should be set out correctly. Every document delivered to the Registrar must state prominently the registered number of the company, and must comply with any requirements specified by the Registrar relating to the legibility of that document.

Briefly, documents should be on A4 size, plain white paper between 80gsm and 100gsm in weight with a matt finish. Text should be black, clear, legible, and of uniform density.

When you prepare a document:

  • use black ink or black type;
  • use bold lettering (some elegant thin typefaces and pens give poor quality copies);
  • don't send a carbon copy;
  • don't use a dot matrix printer;
  • remember - photocopies can result in a grey shade that will not scan well;
  • use A4 size paper with a good margin; and
  • include the company number in the top right-hand corner of the first page.

Glossy accounts

If you are producing colour-printed glossy accounts, please save them for your shareholders and others who will appreciate them. We still need black on white with a matt finish. A typed, unbound version of a printer's proof is ideal, provided it has the necessary signatures. Top Of Page

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