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Can I choose any name for my company?


You may choose a company name of your choice, provided that the name is available and it is not in breach of Companies House rules, and the name is deemed acceptable, e.g. the name is not sensitive, deemed inappropriate or likely to cause offence. If you do not have a name in mind, we have a list of Ready Made Ltd companies to choose from.

If you choose a name which is sensitive you may be required to gain authorisation from the relevant body. 

If you choose a company name which is very close to a name already on the register then you may face difficulties and be forced to change the name. An existing company can appeal against you using a company name, within the first 12 months of your incorporation, if they feel it is too close to their company name and infringing on their business. The appeal will be put to Companies House and the Secretary of State may force you to change the name.

There are also words that are considered to be ‘Too Like’ other company names. Companies House will not incorporate a company where the only difference in the name is a prefix or suffix, (i.e. before or after a company name) for example ‘The’, ‘UK’, and ‘Services’. In some cases, Companies House will permit the company to use a word in a name, provided you give evidence that they will be trading as part of a group, along with the similar named company.

For a full list of ‘Sensitive’ or ‘too like’ words, please telephone or email us, or refer to the following link at Companies House:
Incorporations and Names GP1 / Chapter 3 Sensitive Words


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